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Emy Calze produced hosiery for woman and children

Stockings, collant and pantyhose manufactured in Italy

Emy's Hosiery describes tight-fitting garments worn directly on the feet and legs. Most are made by knitting (hand made) methods. Modern hosiery is usually tight-fitting by virtue of stretchy fabrics and meshes. Older forms include binding
to achieve a tight fit. Due to its close fit, most hosiery can be worn as an undergarment, but it is more
commonly worn as a combined under/outer garment.

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Emy Calze hosiery is a manufaturing company founded in 1960, aimed since its beginnning at conveying its products a high-quality womanly image. The firm moved in the early 90s in a brand new location in order to improve its manifacturing processes and quicken its feedback to a increasingly demanding and complex market.

Emy Calze creates any kind of hosiery for women and children, ranging from classic to fashionable articles, designed with valuable yarn for a comfortable and resisting outfit. The company supplies high standard quality products, guaranteed by certifications such as Oeko-Tex, and tested by a specific Internal Research & Developement department for quality check, realising all production processes in the respect of the environment.

The production mainly addresses "Private Label" and satisfies requirements from small and greater distribution worldwide.
Emy calze owns a private brand standing for an extensive experience gained trough the years. The company embodies the typical italian business pointing at velocity, efficiency and flexibility as indispensible everyday goals to face the global market.

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